Jazz -

Jazz is an upbeat and fun style of dance. Students enjoy dancing to modern music and learning and developing their strength, flexibility and technique. These classes incorporate both Broadway and Modern jazz, allowing students to gain experience and develop their skills in both styles.

Tap -

Tap is an extremely enjoyable style of dance. It is a great way for students to improve their co-ordination, rhythm and strength. Tap classes are an enjoyable way to learn new skills and make new friends.

Classical -

Classical Ballet is a great way for students to improve their technique, strength, flexibility, and co-ordination. Our ballet classes are encouraged for all students, as this is a great way to improve dancers ability in other genres as well.

Hip Hop -

Hip hop is an extremely fun and popular genre. Hip hop lessons improve student’s co-ordination, strength and rhythm in a fun and energetic atmosphere.

Acrobatics -

Acrobatics includes a range of flexibility, cardio, limbering, and tumbling. This is a great way for students to learn new skills, and improve their flexibility and strength in a safe and supportive environment.

Song and Dance -

Our Song and Dance classes are jazz based and enable the students to incorporate dance with vocal tuition. This class is an introduction to musical theatre and is a great way for students to develop confidence.

Jazz Ballet -

Jazz Ballet is provided to our younger students and incorporates both jazz and ballet technique. It is a great introduction to dance for our younger age groups, focusing on basic skills, co-ordination, rhythm, and flexibility.

Funk -

Funk is offered to our sub-junior age group as an introduction to hip hop. This class introduces students to a range of skills and exercises to improve student’s rhythm, co-ordination, and strength.